Partnership And Shareholder Agreements

Drafting the right contracts from the beginning of a business venture reduces the risk of partner or shareholder disputes in the future. These types of disputes can become contentious very quickly and have the potential to ruin a business.

We can help ensure that your business is protected from disputes and litigation involving partners and shareholders. Our attorneys have experience working with partners and shareholders in businesses of all sizes throughout California. You can rely on us to set up your business for success with the right shareholder and partnership agreements.

If your business is already in a dispute involving partners or shareholders, we can work to help you resolve it effectively. We strive to resolve matters as efficiently as possible, but can and will take matters to trial when that is in your best interest.

Preventing And Managing Shareholder Litigation And Partnership Disputes

Correctly drafting shareholder agreements or partnership agreements during business formation is a critical step in protecting the business throughout its life. These agreements can help you avoid future litigation and set the business up for important tax advantages.

Our attorneys will discuss your entity options and their tax advantages, as well as your goals for the business. We will also provide assistance to help you weigh the tax consequences of entities such as S corporations, C corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs).

You may also need to consider the terms for the sale of stock in the future and voting trust provisions. By drafting the right buy-sell agreements now, you can protect your business from vulnerability under these types of circumstances.

When necessary, our firm can also provide skillful resolution and litigation of disputes arising from business-related disagreements.

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