Helping Your Business Navigate Health Care Regulations

Many medium and large businesses are struggling under current U.S. health care law. The Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare by many) has dramatically changed the health care landscape for businesses of all sizes in all industries. This law has brought on numerous changes. It is extremely challenging to comply with these various regulations while also managing your company’s health care costs. Knowledgeable legal counsel can be instrumental in creating value for your company while ensuring adherence to these regulations.

Our attorneys can help you and your business navigate the legal complexities of the U.S. health care system, and negotiate health care benefits for employees or help your business comply with state and federal health care laws.

Get The Help Your Business Needs From An Experienced Attorney

We provide representation to all types of businesses in Southern California, including businesses in the health care field. You can seek counsel from us in all types of health law cases, including those that involve:

  • Compliance
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud issues
  • Corporate matters
  • Tax issues
  • Transactions, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and litigation

Our attorneys have accumulated substantial experience throughout their careers, and are committed to developing economical, effective solutions that protect your company’s immediate and long-term outlook.

Physicians/Dentists Corporate Law

We represent business owners and medical professionals when they have needs related to the complex intersection of medicine and business. We provide practical solutions to legal issues and informative answers to questions such as:

  • What kind of business relationship can a physician establish with another medical professional? For example, can a physician form a partnership with a dentist?
  • What type of business entity can I form as a medical professional? What type of business entity should I form?
  • Can a health care professional such as a registered nurse (RN) hire a physician, dentist or other health care practitioner as a part of a business venture?
  • What restrictions have been established by the American Medical Association, the Medical Board of California, the Osteopathic Medical Board of California, the California Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine and others regarding the association between a physician and business entities?
  • What must doctors do to properly employ other health care professionals?
  • What is the Stark law and how does it affect physicians and businesses?
  • Can I lease space to a dentist, physician or other medical professional?
  • What is the law on corporate practice of medicine (CPM) in California?
  • What restrictions govern management service organizations (MSOs)?
  • What kind of management services can be provided to health care practitioners to be in compliance with the Health and Safety Code, Dental Practice Act, Business and Professions Code, and other rules and regulations?
  • Are there exceptions to the licensure requirements to be associated with a medical professional or to have an employment relationship with a medical professional? For example, are there exceptions if the situation involves a nonprofit medical clinic, community clinic, surgical clinic or government-sponsored clinic?
  • What are the requirements to form a medical corporation or dental corporation (including issues involving formation, governance, board of directors, shareholders and other topics)?
  • Can an oral surgeon engage in dentistry?
  • Who can take over ownership of a medical or dental practice if a medical professional becomes disqualified or dies?
  • What rules and regulations govern the sharing of fees between doctors, dentists and other medical professionals?
  • Can a doctor, dentist or other medical professional have an independent contractor relationship?


Whether you need a business attorney to help you to appeal in court, as advisor in business formation, business imports, business litigation, buying or selling of business, International business, partnership agreements, partnership disputes or succession planing, our Attorneys have expertise in all aspects of Business Law.

If you are looking for Corporate lawyers, for LLC or Medium and Large business as well as expertise in healthcare regulations and trademark registration our Law firm can help you.

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