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Starting a Business Is Complicated

Starting and running a business is never as simple as it sounds. You can never determine where or when a disagreement that threatens the very life of the business may occur. In partnerships, the partners themselves are often the primary cause of the dispute.

Although you may have a well-crafted partnership agreement, resolving partnership disputes is never easy. Disagreements often occur over issues such as company direction, money, and management. Which makes it critical to have outside help from San Francisco, CA business law attorneys.

Effective Representation in Business Litigation Cases

Every experienced business attorney understands that litigation is a game of numbers, and the value, financial analysis, appraisal, and damages are the numbers you need to prove your case. The Bay Area corporate lawyer you partner with can make or break the case. Therefore, you must strive to work with a reputable business litigation attorney who understands the game and its rules.

What sets our lawyers apart is that the team handles litigation disputes with the mantra “litigation must culminate to a win.” This enables them to offer the ultimate representation or defense for different litigation matters across vast industry settings.  

Our Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Business disputes are likely to arise at one point or another. When arbitration and negotiation proceedings fail to resolve such disagreements, business litigation comes in handy.

Partnership Disputes

You should anticipate partnership disputes regardless of the trust level between the partners. Therefore, it is vital to have an ironclad partnership agreement.

Business Formation

Our firm works with co-counsel on an as-needed basis to ensure that companies with business law issues can have all of their needs resolved at the same time.

Corporate Law

Whether your business has transactional or litigation-related needs, it will benefit from our responsive communication and dedication to providing exceptional client service.

International Trade

nternational trade law is a niche legal area filled with many pitfalls that can quickly derail business deals and lead to massive expenses.


To protect ownership of intellectual property, including trademarks, working with an experienced lawyer is a good first step.